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Eligibility Map

USDA Home loans are affordable and also very easy to apply for. USDA loans have few requirements in order to be eligible. Aside from USDA income eligibility by state the home must be located in the qualified USDA area. Click on the map image to see if you fit in the qualified areas.

Scroll Over the Map to see if your area is eligible for USDA Home Loans.
Eligible areas are highlighted in dark-brown.

Eligible areas are highlighted in dark-brown.


In 1991, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), established the USDA Home Loan Program to provide affordable housing opportunities, promote prosperity, and improve the quality of life in rural America. Fortunately for homebuyers, “rural America,” for purposes of the USDA Home Loan Program, is 97% of the geographic landmass of the United States.

About USDA Home Loans

The USDA Home Loan Program, also referred to as the USDA 502 Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan Program, is designed for individuals and families with moderate or low incomes. “Moderate or low” are broad terms and people are often surprised how high the “moderate” income range extends. By offering a no down payment home loan program with favorable terms to these individuals and families, the USDA makes the dream of home ownership accessible and affordable for tens of thousands of Americans. The USDA Home Loan Program is also designed to benefit rural America and is only available for homes purchased in designated areas of the country. Fortunately for the masses, 97% of the geographic United States of America is designated as “rural” for purposes of the USDA 502 Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan.

NOT Just for 1st time Buyers

Because of the benefits (i.e., no down payment, great interest rates, fixed terms, etc.), many people mistakenly believe you must be a first time home buyer to take advantage of the USDA Home Loan Program. This is not true and many home buyers that could have qualified for the USDA home loan when purchasing their home settled for a less favorable loan. Many believe the USDA home loan is eligible only once, but as long as you are purchasing your primary residence and you meet the other USDA program requirements, you can apply for a USDA mortgage without limitations.

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